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You must be invited in order to 1) participate in our meetings and 2) receive an email notifying you of the location.  In order to respect our existing membership, we want to ensure there is not a direct conflict of interest.  Send an email to kidfriendlynetwork@gmail.com or calling (314)594-7098 to request an invitation!


The location of our meetings vary month to month, in order to showcase our fabulous membership and give our KFN members an opportunity to shine!  If a member does not have a  facility to host a KFN meeting – no worries!  Each meeting features a co-host spotlight, so that all of our members are able to highlight their accomplishments and share their programs with our organization at their convenience!   KFN provides exposure, exposure, exposure!


If you have any questions regarding our KFN Kommunity Events or any other comments and/or concerns - please do not hesitate to contact us!

We would love to hear from you! Check out our KFN Kommunity Social Forum page as an additional resource.





Email: kidfriendlynetwork@gmail.com


Facebook:  www.facebook.com/kidfriendlynetwork

Tel: 314-594-7098

Thank you for contacting Kid Friendly Network. It is our goal to konnect and kollaborate and strengthen our komm(unities) in the process. We have successfully received your information!